Health and Safety

Because CelluForce NCCTM can be added to so many products, CelluForce is continuously striving to ensure its safe use. Though some questioning regarding nanoparticles is understandable, Cellulose NanoCrystals, unlike many other nanomaterials, are of natural origin.

Numerous human health and safety tests have shown that CelluForce NCCTM is benign. For example:

  • Upon evaluation of its potential acute toxicity to mammals, three separate tests on oral, inhalation and dermal effects determined that CelluForce NCCTM falls into the least toxic classification in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.
  • An array of in vitro and in vivo test studies on our product’s potential to cause deleterious cellular effects and whole body, sublethal effects revealed CelluForce NCCTM to be within acceptable limits.

As a result, CelluForce NCCTM has been added to Canada’s Domestic Substance List allowing its unrestricted production and sale. CelluForce NCCTM has also received regulatory clearance for use in US and Europe.