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The core properties of CelluForce NCC® allows its use in diverse applications leading to new or improved products and processes

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icon self assembles


The crystals that comprise CelluForce NCC® interact with one another to form a structured liquid crystal.

icon strong


CelluForce NCC® is an inherently strong material because of its high crystallinity. 

icon thixotropic


Fluids containing CelluForce NCC® are shear thinning, meaning they decrease in viscosity with the application of shear.

icon surface active


CelluForce CelluForce NCC® surface is comprised of hydroxyl and acidic groups that are reactive and can be functionalized with other chemicals.

icon photonic


CelluForce NCC® forms solids with structural colour. As the ordered CelluForce NCC® fluid becomes a solid, its colour is created by the interaction of light with the layered structures that are developed.

icon high surface area

High surface area

CelluForce NCC® has an inherently high surface area. This is a result of the size of its separated particles, which is a function of the source of the cellulose and the process of extraction.

icon electro-magnetic


CelluForce NCC® is a charged material. The functional groups impart a negative charge to the surface of the crystal which, in turn, transmits electromagnetic properties to the crystal.

Celluforce Science
Cellulose Nanocrystals are the primary structural building blocks of trees and other plants, and can be economically extracted from the wood fibres an abundant and renewable resource

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paints and coatings

Paints and Coatings

In addition to creating iridescent effects in some applications, CelluForce NCC® is a sustainable material that significantly improves paints and coatings properties such as abrasion resistance and drying time.

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Given its ability to modify rheology and improve fluid stability, CelluForce NCC® can be used in various types of cement applications and has been shown to improve properties such as flexural strength and homogeneity.

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Paper and non-wovens

When used in conjunction with traditional materials in paper production, CelluForce NCC® has been shown to improve paper machine white water and product quality.

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Sustainable, Biodegradable,
Non-toxic, Recyclable

Celluforce NCC® is made from wood obtained from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources. As such, our raw material is fully sustainable and managed according to the highest industry standard. As a company, we are committed to an active and responsible approach to sustainability.

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