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Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) is a new advanced biomaterial produced from wood. Made of infinitely small cellulose crystals derived from trees, CNC is produced as a spray-dried powder or as a liquid suspension and can be used to improve product performance in several industrial sectors. CelluForce commercializes a family of CNC products under the brand name CelluForce NCC®.


CelluForce NCC® is a multi-functional material


Particle size and aspect ratio
reduce the permeability of films
and materials.


Charges on the crystals allow the formation of Pickering emulsions to stabilize colloidal suspensions. 


Alignment of crystals reduces the coefficient of friction and surface wear.


Liquid crystal structure allows the stable suspension of particles.


High particle crystallinity
imparts strength and hardness.


Crystal aspect ratio and surface charges create unique viscosity and shear thinning properties.

Can be functionalized

CelluForce NCC® can be tuned to perform other functions through hydroxyl and sulfate groups. 

Celluforce Science

CelluForce NCC® is a natural product, safe and biodegradable. It can be economically extracted from the wood fibers an abundant and renewable resource.

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paints and coatings

Paints and Coatings

In addition to creating iridescent effects in some applications, CelluForce NCC® is a sustainable material that significantly improves paints and coatings properties such as abrasion resistance and drying time.

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Given its ability to modify rheology and improve fluid stability, CelluForce NCC® can be used in various types of cement applications and has been shown to improve properties such as flexural strength and homogeneity.

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Paper and non-wovens

When used in conjunction with traditional materials in paper production, CelluForce NCC® has been shown to improve paper machine white water and product quality.

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CelluForce's team can help you integrate CelluForce NCC® into existing and new formulations.
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