Why CelluForce?

CelluForce is the global leader in both the production of Cellulose NanoCrystals (CNC) and in the application development of its core CelluForce NCC® product.

CNC Production

CelluForce’s track record in developing solutions with small and large corporations is second to none. By working with CelluForce, companies gain access to the world’s largest CNC R&D network, including the teams that first developed the material and that have continued to advance its use in existing and new formulations. Furthermore, CelluForce currently controls approximately 20% of all CNC intellectual property (active patents), more than any other organization in the world.

With a production capacity of 1 tonne/day, CelluForce's manufacturing plant gives the customer access to large quantities of high quality CNC for testing and for commercial application.

Applications of CelluForce NCC®

Having worked with CNC for several years, CelluForce has developed a wide array of uses in various fields and applications. Though CelluForce NCC® is the basis of most of our products, it can be modified to meet new specifications required to enhance our customer’s products or to generate completely new applications that were previously thought impossible.


Find out about CelluForce NCC® based solutions in various applications.

Oil and gas


The oil and gas industry is well known for its continuous innovations and improvements in cost and performance. Through close collaboration with our equity partner, and the global leader in the services industry, we have jointly developed CelluForce NCC® as a high performance material in a broad array of oilfield fluids and materials. Our product provides new solutions that address total formulation cost and performance needs.

Through patented and proprietary approaches, CelluForce NCC® gives fluids a tunable structure that can be tailored to meet the formidable heat, pressure and formation conditions present in wells. New products are now being developed to expand the reach and effectiveness of typical pumping, pressure, and well completion fluids.

Inquiries for upstream oil and gas high-performance CelluForce NCC® should be directed to our partner Schlumberger at www.schlumberger.com

oil and gas



Among the many improvements it brings to adhesives, CelluForce NCC® enhances productivity as well as wet and dry strengths. Through rheology modification, enhanced bond-forming, and inherently high strength, CNC can be used to boost performance in wood adhesives such as phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and urea/melamine-formaldehyde (UF/MF/ MUF).

Additionally, on-going research in pressure adhesives has been yielding excellent results.


Paper and non-wovens


CelluForce and its partners have developed exciting new applications that deliver better products and improve manufacturing processes.

When used in conjunction with traditional materials in paper production, CelluForce NCC® has been shown to improve paper machine white water and product quality.

In the wider field, when integrated into super absorbent materials (SAM), CelluForce NCC® increases absorption and improves structural integrity, creating opportunities to develop high performance SAMs and to redesign existing products to use less material. Hygiene products such as diapers are a great use of this new material as consumers continue to demand lighter and more comfortable goods.

paper and non-wovens



The cement industry is continuously looking to improve mechanical properties, long term durability and ease of processing.

Given its ability to modify rheology and improve fluid stability, CelluForce NCC® can be used in various types of cement applications and has been shown to improve:

  • Flexural strength
  • Homogeneity
  • Bubble size uniformity
  • Shrinkage

CelluForce has been working with several customers to develop specific applications that make optimal use of CelluForce NCC® 's properties. This translates into safer, faster and more environmentally friendly construction.


Plastics and composites


Firms in the plastics and composites industry are constantly seeking tougher and lighter components. Structural and mechanical improvements are essential for opening doors to new applications and markets.

For instance, the auto sector is continuously aiming to reduce vehicle weights via alternative manufacturing materials. The reinforcing effect of CelluForce NCC® is able to transform and tune these materials to meet new application requirements. As an example, CNC has been shown to increase the toughness of epoxy resins used in composite applications by over 150%.

CelluForce NCC® can also be used with polylactic acids (PLA) to improve properties and make bioplastics that are of equal quality to petroleum based equivalents.

plastics and composites

Paints and Coatings


The paints and coatings sector is in search of sustainable and high performance materials. In addition to creating iridescent effects in some applications, CelluForce NCC® significantly improves:

  • Sag resistance
  • Syneresis
  • Drying time
  • Rub-off
  • VOC emissions
  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability

CelluForce has developed a series of new formulations for use in acrylics, alkyds, epoxies and urethanes. With its various properties, CelluForce NCC® can be modified to accommodate our partners’ exact product requirements.

paints and coatings

Personal Care


As an organic and sustainable material, CelluForce NCC® is a valuable cosmetic ingredient which provides a texture that improves a product’s feel in facial and body applications.

In addition to its anti-oxidant properties, the particle size and shape of CelluForce NCC® are leading to the development of new high value products.

personal care

Health Care


CelluForce NCC® has been shown to have a good toxicological profile which allows it to be:

  • A good high performance base for new drug delivery products
  • An organic growth platform that is compatible with tissue and bone

The surface of CelluForce NCC® is also reactive which allows the addition of different functionalities and the development of a wealth of new applications.

health care

Food and Beverages


Consumers are demanding ever increasing quality in food and beverage products. CelluForce NCC® can be a component in developing healthy, sustainable and safe food and beverages that appeal to ever more exacting customer needs.

CelluForce NCC® forms very stable emulsions which can improve texture and suspension quality of products in this sector.

food and beverages



The fast evolving electronics sector, and its ever increasing demands, requires constant innovation. Some of the core properties of CelluForce NCC® that make it valuable for the development of new electronic applications are:

  • Particle suspension ability
  • Electro-magnetic response
  • Conductivity through functionalization

Together with its partners, CelluForce is successfully developing applications for many everyday electronic devices.